Link:『FF7AC reunion』様の情報より
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【08/6/20発売の雑誌より 超期待のイベント”DKΣ3713”の全貌に迫る】

FF7AC reunion』サイトで、DKΣ3713について、詳細が載っています。
詳細なインタビューの内容は、『FF7AC reunion』様のサイトを参照してください。

In a "FF7AC reunion" site, the details appear about DKsigma3713.
Please refer to "FF7AC reunion" for the contents of a detailed interview.
I translated a summary into English as follows.

Mr. Nomura said "There is the release time and new information at DKsigma3713."

An interview of Mr. Nomura is carried about SQUARE ENIX event 'DKsigma3713' in a game magazine released late this week.

From an interview:
Until TGS of October, there was not an opportunity to show a current title.
So, I worked seriously hard with a publicity department in charge of the title which I engage in.
As a result, we were able to arrange the opportunity to hold an event by this lineup this time.
You can try to play 4 titles; DDFF, sigma, KH358/2Days, KHBbS.
Because I concentrated on actual machine production, about the picture, I cannot say only a new thing.
But, because the whole meeting place is a closed theater this time, it is going to be watched a picture during the waiting time of the trial play.
The announcement in E3 does the development in foreign countries. We don't carry the new picture in E3.
I think that I have you understand the reason why we remained silent till now.
We'll show the release time, and each title has some kind of new information.
The development of 3 titles for mobile is advancing, too.
'KINGDOM HEARTS coded(Mobile) 'will be released earliest.
As for 'FINAL FANTASY Agito XIII(Mobile)', it will become big surprise as if you look up at the sky.
We are developing FF13 as a first priority.
So, I let the member of the team of 'FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII (PLAYSTATION 3)' do cooperation to the development of 'XIII'.
Oneself cannot say about FF13 in detail, but development advances at a fast pace because it is a title given priority.
About "the FF7AC complete", I am full of what I cannot yet say.
But I have seen approximate release time.


I experienced VIRTUAL WORLD Alpha Virsion.
【VIRTUAL WORLD Alpha Virsion】を体験してみました。


For a trial phase, it is instant to go around in the small world.
I talk with nobody yet. (Because I am a timid person.)
Well, in the first place will other members be really online?

I can watch PV of the latest title.




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