It was widely known all over the world that SE did shocking announcement in E3.

* In North America and the Europe, FF13 is released at the same time of PS3 and Xbox360.
* 'FF13-Versus' is released only in PS3 on schedule.
* The software for Xbox is not released in Japan.
* The earliest release is FF13 for PS3 in Japan.
* SE makes an effort so that a delay is not given abroad in the release time.
* Game contents do not have the difference. It is unknown whether a difference comes out to graphic.
* Probably a difference is the disk number of sheets.

I don't have new information more than this on July 17th at present in Japan.
* They did not announce the particularly new image in E3.
* In this year, SE doesn't show new information.
All is announced in 'DK sigma 3713' (August) and 'TGS' (October).

(A note) It is a personal opinion.

Surely may SE have got a large amount of investment from Bill Gates?
(It's a joke汗汗)

I agree with his expressing disappointment.
Sony's Tretton: 'Disappointed' In Multiplatform FFXIII Through MS' 'Currying Favor'

情報元:Game Spark

I don't buy xbox.
The reason is new hardware of PS3 is going to be released in the near future.
Because a region cord does not have regulation as for PS3, I can play even foreign software.
I guess PS3 to be a merit as for me.


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